Tobacco. Production, Chemistry and Technology
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Author(s): D. L. Davis and M. T. Nielsen (Eds)
Publisher: Blackwell Publishing
ISBN: 0 6320 4791 7
Format: hardback
Price: 95.00
Review Date: 23 May 2000
Review: This book describes the inter-relationships among the growth of the tobacco plant, the harvested leaves, their curing, processing and manufacturing, and the properties of the final product and includes a discussion of the breeding and genetics of the tobacco plant where foreign genes can be introduced for plant enhancement or disease resistance. The authors focus on the latest scientific research and provide chapters on: the history, breeding and genetics of tobacco; the uses and applications of biotechnology in tobacco improvement; production practices; major diseases of tobacco plants; tobacco insect pests; leaf chemistry; the physical properties of leaf tobacco; marketing, pressing and storing of tobacco; cigarette manufacture; smoke chemistry; cigars and cigarillos; and smokeless tobacco for snuff or chewing. The authors not only discuss current tobacco knowledge and practice, but also highlight challenges to the future of tobacco.