The Stress Analysis of Crack Handbook
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Author(s): H. Tada, P. C. Paris and G. R. Irwin
Publisher: Professional Engineering Publishers
ISBN: 1860583040
Format: hardback
Price: 98.00
Review Date: 02 October 2000
Review: This large reference book provides a comprehensive source of formulae and stress analysis information on crack problems. It is divided into seven parts. The first part provides introductory information. Part II gives stress analysis results for common test specimen configurations. Part III gives 2-D stress solutions for various configurations of cracks. Part IV covers 3-D crack configurations. Part V discusses crack(s) in a rod or plate by energy analysis. Part V presents strip yield model solutions and Part VI covers cracks in shells. This edition includes new appendix sections on: the J-integral; displacements prescribed on crack surfaces; plastic zone instability; engineering estimates of stress analysis factors; and mode II plasticity solutions, as well as about 30 new solution pages and modifications of older solutions.